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Thread: Ideal Camping Set Up?

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    Default Ideal Camping Set Up?

    Before Coachella last year, I had never camped. Not in my backyard, woods, and especially not at a music festival.
    I ended up with a air mattress too big for the tent, a canopy without legs and a lot of other fucking stupid shit. I'm going with 2 other guys and I am looking for ideas, common mistakes or things not to do. We are car camping. All feedback is appreciated, thanks.

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    Do a dry run before leaving. Lack of a canopy will make for a horrible weekend.

    This thread may also be of help.
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    is Beyonce playing on both weekends? i'm confuse and i need to know before i purchase my ticket please. thank you.

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    Lower your canopy during the day and tie up any windwalls you might have put up. And peg the living shit out of it.

    Last year we had ours pegged down (did a rather shit job however, I might add) and windwalls around it. Came back that evening and was told that a wind gust picked it up and promptly dropped in on a neighbours car a few spots down. Quite a mortifying experience Lesson learned, the hard way.

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    Sometimes your neighbors will take your canopy down for you. But yeah, prepare for the worst and do it yourself. I saw that some people actually built shelter for their cars with pipes and fabric, but I heard that during car searches sometimes they will confiscate pipes. Do your research.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amyzzz View Post
    but I heard that during car searches sometimes they will confiscate pipes.
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    Honestly shade really does help so invest in tarps and a canopy. Next year will be my third year going with my boyfriend and were always trying to improve our camping spot.

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    1. no tent

    2. ez-up with tarps on the side (silver ones - not blue ones) like people mention, or

    2b. make a monkey hut and sleep and hang out under that...we did it this year for coachella, lib, and burning man (though we didnt use it for sleep at the burn - just as a hangout area) and it was great - the structure didn't bat an eye to the windstorms of saturday and sunday of week 1 this year (which were crazier than the burn due to the mild weather this year) but it's really easy to make - it may be time consuming to get the hang of things but once you do it's really simple and duplicatable. also, decorate the shit out of the inside and outside of it with tapestries and battery powered led lights (ebay, amazon) and life will be great.

    3. make friends with your neighbors and pool your resources together so that you guys can have a communal setup that is even better

    4. no tent - i already said it but fuck tents at coachella unless you want to bake in them by 6 am, which is obviously less than ideal when you're up til 4 or 5 anyways

    shade really is crucial, as is air flow. since it's a desert, there's usually some sort of breeze. keep as much air flow as possible through your structure while staying shaded and you will be good.

    find a good place to hide your metal stakes in case security wants to be whack about it

    pre cook your meals and freeze them and then reheat them on a camping stove - i know it's not about setup but it's still preparation that will save you time and headaches

    spend as much time AWAY FROM YOUR SETUP AND INSIDE THE FESTIVAL GROUNDS as possible - for real - yeah it's great to put all this time and money into your setup and it's really nice to have something enjoyable and comfortable when you are at camp, but the whole point of going to coachella is to be inside the venue..prepare on all fronts - this forum is great for that - and maximize your time and your fun throughout the whole weekend

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