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    Hey all,

    Just curious on Campanion parking and how accessable it is. It looks like a decent walk from the campgrounds, but nothing too far. Curious on if anyone has seen cars being broken into or damaged here. Also if it is smart to do to bring in some smaller items, coolers, food or bags into campgrounds. I want to know other experience in doing this to get better idea of what i might be up against.

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    We used it this year and it was fine. The only snafu was that we tried to coincide our arrival with that of our friends driving into car camping. We drove in right away and had to wait TEN! hours for them to get in (this was Thursday night). We made the best of it, but we ended up setting up camp at sunrise. So if you're in a similar situation, make sure you get there AFTER your car campers, unless you show up earlier in the day and can partake in all the fun stuff going on.

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    CAMPanion? You think you're clever?
    Quote Originally Posted by TomAz View Post
    Hey here's an idea. You know those people who are desperately poor, down on their luck, uneducated, abused, and generally ill-equipped for life? Let's make fun of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xuclarockerx View Post
    CAMPanion? You think you're clever?

    No, i didnt even notice that. quick post while at work. thanks for catching that...

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