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Thread: Throwing Muses!

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    Default Throwing Muses!

    We need Kristin and crew (Tanya included) STAT!

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    Default Re: Throwing Muses!

    Is there any possibility of this or are you just pulling it out your butt? I'd love to see Throwing Muses but I highly doubt it.
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    I'm not familiar with Throwing Muses but it seems like this is the type of thing you would have been way more likely to see on the lineup 5 years ago.
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    I actually think Throwing Muses would be great for the Coachella line-up. However, I emailed one of the members of the band about playing Coachella--this was a couple of years ago--and the band member emailed me back "with a laugh" saying as much as the band would love to play Coachella, they knew Golden Voice would never book them because G. V. probably felt they couldn't draw a big enough crowd. I found that sad. I still think Throwing Muses would be a great add.
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