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Thread: Wanted: King Krule @ The Echo

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    Default Wanted: King Krule @ The Echo

    Would love to buy 1 or 2 tickets for either show.

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    Default Re: Wanted: King Krule @ The Echo

    Why dont you go see them at Space 15 twenty?

    Quote Originally Posted by RageAgainstTheAoki View Post
    I went to my first sex party this past May, in the Hollywood Hills. It was alright. The decor was très chic. Mid-Century Modern, sunken living room and all.

    Quote Originally Posted by jackstraw94086 View Post
    I want to punch that woman.

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    Default Re: Wanted: King Krule @ The Echo

    Quote Originally Posted by getbetter View Post
    Why dont you go see them at Space 15 twenty?
    King Krule is playing at 15 Twenty? Gahd Dayum I wish I was in LA
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