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Thread: Pebble Watch - Coachella Countdown App

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    Default Pebble Watch - Coachella Countdown App

    For those of you who may own one of those new Pebble Smartwatches (probably not many of you at this point), I created (with help from a friend) a watchface app that includes a countdown to Coachella 2014 Weekend 1. And as soon as weekend 1 is over, it automatically starts counting down towards weekend 2. So if you have the watch, and have always wanted to know the exact amount of days you have until you're back out in Indio (and also care to know what time/date it currently is) then this is the watchapp for you!

    You can read more/download it at the link below:

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    Default Re: Pebble Watch - Coachella Countdown App

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    I wish there was an app to find the Pebble watch that I lost Weekend 2. Damn strap disconnected in the pit at Anti-Flag and never saw it again. They really should include a feature like Find My iPhone so you can track your watch.

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