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    Looked around and didn't see a thread for these guys but for whoever loves psychedelic funky house and love to get your groove on or simply just love "feel good" music.... these guys are for you!!! With 2 released albums, both amazing from front to back, they are about to put out a third. 1st album, "Visions of Backseat" ...2nd Album "Downriverelectric".. and 3rd will be "Filling in the Color". We need these guys at Coachella!!! Here are some Video's ENJOY!!!!

    This is a track off there new album about to come out.

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    i dig boombox. would love to see them live

    edit: great, they are in la on the 26th
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    didn't know who they were until i saw them live at Camp Bisco this year...blew me away! haven't stopped listening to them since...i guarantee you'll enjoy every bit of their set if you catch that show...& hopefully Coachella 2014!!
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    Boombox is amazing, I cant really imagine a set on the polo field because they are so jam band. It would be awesome but I just dont see it happening. Check out Electric Forest. The set this year was insane and got pretty wild.

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