hey everybody.. new on the boards.. love to just watch from a distance but finally decided to join..

i just was thinking how badly music needs new stars.. especially in the world of bands/rock/pop/etc.. Since coldplay/killers/black keys/strokes era there hasnt really been a new band that his risen up to take the place of just superstardom.. imagine dragons has potential to do that but i feel like they're more pop than the traditional sound that bands like coldplay and the killers had..

I dont know just thought i'd put this out there-

Even in urban/r&b/hip hop feels like there needs to be new stars.. Around grammys this past year everybody was jumping on this frank ocean bandwagon but i feel like it wasnt because of the music it was just because of the need for a new 'star'.. he didnt really fulfill that need unfortunately and we're back to having the same stars in that landscape (chris brown, john legend, etc.)..

I dont know just a thought..

is it because of the internet age? is there so much saturation and so much good music out there that now everybody rises up to a level of relative success that leaves them short of superstardom?