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Thread: Brian Fallon + Dead Man's Bones

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    Default Brian Fallon + Dead Man's Bones

    I know that Gaslight Anthem played this year's fest (really want to catch a show from this good 'ol fashion rock outfit), but yesterday I came across the below article on NME and it got me thinking:

    Would be great to see a side project like the Horrible Crowes and Dead Man's Bones hit the stage in Indio. Damn Ryan Gosling for crushing everything.

    This is an aside, but Bad Things ft Sean White are also coming around nicely, could be another hyped/star-power act.

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    Default Re: Brian Fallon + Dead Man's Bones

    I fully support everything Brian Fallon, even if this is a somewhat joking comment. Horrible Crowes would be somewhat realistic though.

    However, the dude is a massive troll when it comes to talking about new albums. He'll talk about how this is our London Calling, this is Tom Waits meets The National meets Neil Young, etc etc, and it'll all still sound like Gaslight. So if he says "this is the weird one" it might be the most straightforward of all ha

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