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Thread: Soulwax 2014 because WHY NOT???????

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    Default Soulwax 2014 because WHY NOT???????

    I'll go both weekends just to see Soulwax destroy every act ever known to man. Okay maybe that's a slight overstatement... but it was a lifelong dream to see them play. And I got my chance at HARD Haunted Mansion in 2011 (iirc) and they were just so much more than I was expecting. One of the best acts I've seen live among the likes of Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, and whatever you can think of.

    In fact they should just bring Radio soulwax and take over the Sahara for 4 hours straight. Nothing would be greater with the new Sahara and Soulwax's amazing flair and showmanship.

    Soulwaxchella 2014
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