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    Do shuttles run today (thursday) at all? Have a friend who is already at the camp site who is trying to meet up with me.

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    I mean yes...go stand on the'll be there soon

    honestly - no - they start Friday
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    Does anyone know if we can get a refund on a shuttle pass week 2?

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    I'd sell it and take a loss if need be, don't think they'll refund you

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    I'm using this thread for different purposes. What the hell happened to the shuttle system this year? I've done them every year since 2011 and they had gotten better and more efficient every year. This year was a mess. Much longer lines, longer waits, and terrible busses. Of the 6 rides I took, all but one had air conditioning issues. The very first shuttle was abominable, with 85+ degree temperatures. I felt like we were being led to our death as people tried to close all shades to keep the heat out. Friday night was a disaster waiting to get to the shuttles, as we got stuck in a 30 minute bottle neck just to get to the yellow path. Numerous times, I had to wait 15-20 minutes for a bus... Not because of long lines, but because they didn't have a shuttle for us or the driver was on break. To think we paid $10 more this year for much shittier results is a joke.
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    There is a shuttle thread at the Past Experiences fora.

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