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Thread: Best breakfast in town?

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    Thumbs up Best breakfast in town?

    #Sloan's wins hands down.
    This year they have a #Mimosa and Bloody Mary bar on the patio. ((( #BestBloodyMary around)))

    As a Coachella Valley resident - we have been going there for over 14 years religiously. The portions are big, prices are good and the staff/owner is happy to host coachella attendees.

    They have a reasonably priced #shuttleservice, (stops include #LakeCahuilla & Ave 52/Madison-AKA lot 13a) throughout the day and all weekend. 7603473923

    Have a great breakfast!
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    Default Re: Best breakfast in town?

    as a resident - I agree

    beer prices are only $2. Food is good. Place doesn't look impressive, but they can cook good food.
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    Default Re: Best breakfast in town?

    Every year for the past 6 years i have been eating at Keedy's in Palm Desert. service is fast, waiters are awesome, and the food is cheap and delicious.
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