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    The fundamental flaw that adds to the dipshittery of this thread is the OP is just lazy or perhaps a moron.

    I mean, how crazy would it be to put together a list of all of the gear you're going to bring, estimate the space said gear is going to take up, and Google "trunk capacity of (year) (make) (model)" and do a compare?

    Or better yet, just put all of your shit in your car to see if it will fit now?

    Stupid questions yield stupid answers.

    EDIT: So perhaps more directly, if you think of the number of permutations due to differing camping arrangements, sleeping arrangements, types of cars, size of coolers, etc., you're not going to get a remotely important answer.

    Example: I've got a '87 Tercel, a Igloo cooler, Coleman camping stove, and a 3 man tent, but one person sleeps outside, and we go with 3 people, but one is a double amputee, so we can put shit on the floorboards on the drive from Tacoma, Washington, and I've got a Jansen 15" subwoofer in the back that I hook up to a power inverter so we can blast Azalea Banks at 6am. I've got a sick setup, it's the best.
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