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    So I finally gave Trouble Will Find Me a listen and man was that an incredible piece of music. I know that the National is playing all the major festivals this summer but I'd still love to see them at coachella. Share your thoughts on the National for 2014

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    They will be there.

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    Based on?
    Quote Originally Posted by JustSteve View Post
    well, for all intensive porpoises it is, will sell out within seconds tomorrow.
    Quote Originally Posted by korbinn View Post
    It's jsut dawned on me that I'm overly confident and a extremely ocd perfectionist.
    Quote Originally Posted by kroqken View Post
    I don't give a flying fuck about the Kardashians, I doubt they know who Belle and Sebastian are.

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    I sure hope they'll be there. I am so happy with their newest album.

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    Outdoor Stage headliner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theripped View Post
    Outdoor Stage headliner?
    No. Main stage before headliner.

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