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    Default ANAMANAGUCHI 2014

    Favorite chip tune band and I finally watched them live the other night and it was amazing. Best show I have been to in a really long time. The lights, the crowd, the projector videos, and just their stage presence was all too good. I would love to see these guys perform at Coachella next year preferably at night so they could put on their amazing light show but I doubt they would get a late set time. I would take an early set time over no set time time though. If you dont know them you should definitely check them out!

    Here is their newest music video for Endless Fantasy from their newest album Endless Fantasy

    Here is a video of them performing Prom Night live from their Endless Fantasy album

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    Default Re: ANAMANAGUCHI 2014

    I'm on board for this
    My geek heart pounds for chiptune

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