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Thread: What hotel would you recommend?

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    Default What hotel would you recommend?

    I'm flying from Wisconsin to Colorado and then I'm driving down with my friend to Coachella.

    We don't want to spend a fortune because of the money we will be spending to get there and we're planning on staying a few days in Los Angeles after Coachella. I've been looking for hotels to stay in for a while but nothing is sticking out. Theyre all great hotels, but very pricey!

    We are thinking of staying in a place near Palm Springs and then driving to a shuttle line. We bought shuttle passes.

    What would you recommend? Your help is greatly appreciated!

    PS we will be going weekend 1 and looking to stay at the hotel for 4 nights. We don't want anything more than $100 a night.


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    Default Re: What hotel would you recommend?

    Sorry, but $400 /4 nights is not going to work. Try to get around $600 and throw in with another group for a house or condo. Keep checking camping/lodging and something will definitely pop up.

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    Default Re: What hotel would you recommend?

    So the Thursday night before Coachella, you can find a decent place for $100 a night on Hotwire. Book that two months in advance. But the problem, as always, is the Fri - Sun. You can find some of the hotels that don't book through the major booking sites but have an online presence for maybe $150 a night. You'll have to snoop around and play detective but there are quite a few hotels in Palm Springs that have 20 - 50 rooms that are motels that were built in the 50's and 60's that have been refurbished. Look at and you'll be able to figure it out. Good luck.

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    Default Re: What hotel would you recommend?

    For that budget you're going to be hard-pressed to find anything. Just a sad fact of Coachella. I wasn't able to find things in that price range back in 2007 and things have only gone up since then.
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    Default Re: What hotel would you recommend?

    Try Motel 6. There are several in the area that have availability for those dates. In Palm Springs they are all $109 p/n. The one in Rancho Mirage is $100 p/n, and is closer to the polo fields, but I don't know if/where the shuttle stops in RM. The one in Indio is already sold out. I suggest that you make reservations NOW; you can always cancel up to the day before if you make other arrangements down the line.
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    Default Re: What hotel would you recommend?

    Thanks, everyone, for your help!! I'll keep looking!

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