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Thread: Best way to get to and from La Quinta - renting a house

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    Default Best way to get to and from La Quinta - renting a house

    Hey lovely people. What do you think is our best option to get to the festival from La Quinta? I believe we are coming from the cove area. Some people have said driving is a good idea. Do you know how long that would take to get in and out? Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Best way to get to and from La Quinta - renting a house

    1. Ride bikes to LQ Resort and take shuttle in or
    2. Drive in*

    * Best option in this case as you are pretty deep in the cove.

    The first year of shuttles we had a home off Calle Nogales and that was a LONG walk back at the end of the night from the shuttle stop
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