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Thread: Needed: Weekend TWO Lodging Help!!!

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    Default Needed: Weekend TWO Lodging Help!!!

    My friends and I will be traveling to Indio from the east coast for weekend two and would love any assistance for lodging. We camped last year, but were hoping to get a house this year. The group is currently 3 girls, with the possibility of 3-4 additional friends depending on what we are able to find. We are all 26-29 years old, if that matters. Open to combining groups with someone and going in on a large rental, joining an existing rental, etc.

    Please contact me at 253-232-7183 or with any details.


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    Default Re: Needed: Weekend TWO Lodging Help!!!

    Hey, my group of 8 friends are planning to book an estate (usually up to 15 people). Would you be interested? The more people, the cheaper

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