Tonight, I felt better running than ever. I dropped my daughter off for her first tennis lesson at 6 and ran until the lesson was over at 7 wishing I could keep going. Each week, with a night of tennis and one with soccer practice, gigantic lit parks have been perfect to log the miles after dark. More of a goal, than a resolution, but signing the family up for one 5K per month this year really has been great motivation. And I see 10Ks or half's in the near future. Since December, the four of us have combined for 92 miles.

Still doing well on the food front. I'm totally addicted to salads (1-2 every day) and I could care less whether they are the healthiest or not, they are still way better than alternatives. Still no drinking work-nights, which continues to lead to healthy breakfasts and no mid-morning cravings. At work, I just drink water and when I'm craving taste, black coffee has been filling the void.

I'm still ~10 lbs away from my college weight, but getting there. Here's to hoping that being under 40 is more obvious and less revelation by April 11!

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Back down 5. Hoping to be down 60 total from last April by this April but traveling so much for work is NOT making it easy. Too much shitty food in airports and hotels.
Wow, this is good to hear. Keep cranking.