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Thread: Best way to get a house?

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    Default Best way to get a house?

    Hey, with Eldorado no longer doing 4 person tents, we are looking to rent a 12-14 person house. What are the best ways to do this in advance? AirBNB is frustrating because you have to pay up front completely. Any other ideas?

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    Default Re: Best way to get a house?

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    Default Re: Best way to get a house?

    Use VRBO and send A LOT of requests. Most won't reply at all. Some will reply that they're booked. Others will reply with ridiculous jacked up rates. But eventually you'll get a response from that perfect house. Expect to pay half right away to book the place.

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    Yep ^. Get working fast and be smart not to get screwed or book from an oldie who'll croak on you

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