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Thread: Payment Plan Question for Tomorrow.

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    Default Payment Plan Question for Tomorrow.

    Question answered.
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    Default Re: Payment Plan Question for Tomorrow.

    as long as the names on the cards are different you're fine.
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    Default Re: Payment Plan Question for Tomorrow.

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    Last year, if I'm not mistaken, there was a limit of 4 per billing address
    You are mistaken.

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    Default Re: Payment Plan Question for Tomorrow.

    totes mistaken.

    also scroll down on that page and READ the questions and answers. they MAY help. especially the one about ROOM MATES.
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    Default Re: Payment Plan Question for Tomorrow.

    I've never done a payment plan until this year. Does the payment automatically get deducted the 1st of every month until December or do I have to do something like sign in a make the payment manually?

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    Default Re: Payment Plan Question for Tomorrow.

    You cannot make manual payments. It is all automatic. At some point you will be able to pay out the entire remaining balance, but you can't just make payments whenever you want.
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