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Thread: Northern Nights Music Festival

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    Default Northern Nights Music Festival

    Another inaugural festival up in Humboldt/Mendocino, July 19-21.

    2013 = Coverchella

    2011 = Perfectchella

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    Default Re: Northern Nights Music Festival

    it is very rare that i recognize literally no names on a line up.
    8/7/16 - Sufjan Stevens @ Hollywood Bowl // 8/8/16 - Radiohead @ Shrine // 8/8/16 - Boris @ Regent
    9/14/16 - Wilco @ Theatre at Ace Hotel // 9/18/16 - Kraftwerk @ Hollywood Bowl

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    Default Re: Northern Nights Music Festival

    Its all plur, why would you know any of these acts to begin with.

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    Default Re: Northern Nights Music Festival

    I don't know any of those acts either.

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    Default Re: Northern Nights Music Festival

    why am i surprised that there is a band called HTTP?

    May 27th - War/Parliament funkadelic - Santa Barbara Bowl

    Quote Originally Posted by TallGuyCM View Post
    ICYMI: Today the two board members with the most questionable approach to music held mirrors up to each other; no one learned a thing and nothing will change.
    Quote Originally Posted by theklein25 View Post
    Chainsmokers are undeniably better than Jack White at this point.

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    Default Re: Northern Nights Music Festival

    I've heard of Silent Disco. They play a lot of festivals.
    Skrillex 2013 tour dates:

    1/24/13 Montreal, Canada
    4/12/13-4/21/13 POLO FIELD-SIZED GAP
    7/12/13 - Montreal, Canada
    7/13/13 - Toronto, Canada
    7/17/13 - Winnipeg, Canada
    7/19/13 - Calgary, Canada
    7/21/13 - Vancouver, Canada

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    Default Re: Northern Nights Music Festival

    Just names that would be at the Do Lab
    Quote Originally Posted by mariefbr View Post
    is Beyonce playing on both weekends? i'm confuse and i need to know before i purchase my ticket please. thank you.

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