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Thread: my coachella 2013 video tribute

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    Default my coachella 2013 video tribute

    my coachella experience if you'd care to watch.
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    Default Re: my coachella 2013 video tribute

    Your coachella looks very different from my coachella.
    I like that Bobby Brown dancing at 3:05.
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    Default Re: my coachella 2013 video tribute

    Coachella? Coachella? More like clichechella? Amirite?
    Certain songs they get so scratched into our souls

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    Default Re: my coachella 2013 video tribute

    Only thing good about that video are the Filipina girls.

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    Default Re: my coachella 2013 video tribute

    looks like u had a good time.
    and ya, the roger rabbit stylie was cool.
    come to think of it that's the shuffle. my bad. i was dreaming of 90s house parties for a second there.
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