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Thread: The Slackers for 2014...Rude and Reckless

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    Default The Slackers for 2014...Rude and Reckless

    I usually never start threads on who I would like to see at coachella...mainly because they always do a great job on lineups, mixing in the old with new but i feel like this certain band needs to be at the desert considering the great ska acts they've been booking the past years...Madness, The Specials, Selecter, The Aggrolites, Aquabats, Tokyo Ska...

    I've been a HUGE Slackers fan since their early years and have come to know them on occasion when they come out here to the west coast...such a fun band and Great Fucking People as well...
    The current lineup they have !!HAS!! to be the tightest its ever matter if they are playing for just a room full of people or a huge theater, these guys always bring it hard...Vic can work a crowd like no other...its very hard to find a band that actually GETS BETTER as time goes by...

    Here's hoping GV can get these guys booked next me, they will be one of the best acts of the weekend....

    Give me a Vic Ruggiero solo at noon as well and it'll be golden

    who is Vic? best fucking story teller ever...

    Vic's solo work

    I remember the days when water was free and porn cost money.

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    Default Re: The Slackers for 2014...Rude and Reckless

    Best ska band still actively touring in my opinion. Coachella needs The Slackers for 2014!

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