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    This year we decided to build our own canopy instead of buying an expensive easy-up. We designed an awesome setup with PVC and canvas for under $30 and thought we were in the clear. Then as our car was searched the security decided no PVC was allowed. What the hell? I can understand being wary of PVC because of the recent Boston bombings, but couldn't they just look through our pipes to check them out? Sadly our searchers were assholes and wouldn't work with us. After we pointed out that PVC wasn't on the list of banned items, they ended up taking away our pipes AND CANVAS anyways (I saw some other cars lost their PVC too), accusing us of smuggling drugs, and tearing our car apart through the search. This was the worst part of Coachella. The security guards were jerks and on a power trip. I assume they're contracted out or something because all of the ones inside the actual festival were courteous, and fun for the most part! But come on Coachella, taking away shade from campers in this hot environment is horrible. Do you really think Coachella campers are the type to cause harm to others? It immediately ruined the vibe and started the fest off on the wrong foot. Either keep your banned list of items up to date, or train your help better. There are whole forums on how to build your own PVC shelter from previous Coachella festivals; why should we be punished when we did the research and stayed within guidelines? I would've been fine with them tearing my car apart if we ended up getting to keeping our stuff; why couldn't they shine a light through the pipes and see that they were okay? They obviously let some people bring PVC in because I saw several camps with flags posted to PVC pipes. But no, let's be dicks and take their shade away, dump all the contents of their bags on the ground during the search (and not repack them). Assholes. Thank god we had awesome neighbors that let us Gerry-rig something out of the leftover tarps and blankets with their easy-ups.

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    man i had the easiest security experience ever. barely even made sure we had wristbands. sorry. hell the whole weekend we were walking right in with flasks of vodka.

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