Hi Coachella friends,
Whilst I was out at the festival on Friday 19 April, probably around the time I was dancing to Metric, my beautiful, all-white tiny poodle terrier escaped and tried to come and find me. We are not local so he didn't know where he was and he has now been missing since Friday afternoon. If anyone has ANY information at all, please call Rachel on 619-964-0980. Did you see a little white doggie on your way to the festival? Or did you spot him on your way home? How about on Saturday or Sunday?

He is a two year old male poodle mix. He has a bit of a terrier face and body but he is 100% white with very short curly cropped fur. Photos of our cutie pie are attached. Pls share these on your facebook pages, especially if you are local, and help us find my boy!!!

Please help us find our baby photo.jpg.

If you remember anything at all, please call me on 619-964-0980.