This is an older female chihuahua that was found by some Coachella goers on Avenue 52 on Sunday (4-21). After they parked, they left the dog in the car with the window cracked. Coachella production was alerted to this and had a locksmith get her out. She is temporarily named Chella until we find out her real name. She is safe, comfortable and staying at a house with us nearby Washington and Ave 50. we took her to the Coachella Valley City County Animal Shelter Monday to see if anyone was searching. Sadly she is not chipped and the tag she is wearing is a rabies vaccine tag from 2011 that matches another dog in the system. we got her nails clipped while there and the woman doing it recognized her. She said the owner is a woman living in the Coachella Valley who brought Chella in for shots. If you recognize this well behaved and sweet dog, please let the owner know.