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Thread: Hopscotch 2013 Festival-

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    Default Re: Hopscotch 2013 Festival-

    Slater-Kinney, Slowdive, and Neutral Milk Hotel

    1/18 Sharon Van Etten/Beirut @ MHOW
    1/19 Juan Maclean @ Black Flamingo
    1/20 Shawn Rudiman/Volvox @ Bossa
    1/21 Lucy/Mike Dehnert/DJ Bone/Patricia @ Output

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    Help me decide what to wear to the show I'm going to tonight, everyone. I'll post pics of my six different potential outfits in a second.
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    What is it about a band you love unconditionally that makes you adore them? Otherwise I'm going to just rip all over your shitty taste in bad bands.

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    Default Re: Hopscotch 2013 Festival-

    Rumors last year that Jim O'Rourke was being talked to for improviser in residence. It's a long shot, though.
    [SIZE=2]April 9th - The Residents at the Regent Theater
    April 23rd - Parov Stelar at Club Nokia
    May 2nd - Tortoise at the Teragram Ballroom
    May 6th -*Sunn O)))*at the Regent Theater
    May 7th - Melvins, Melt Banana at the Troubadour
    May 16th - Brötzmann/Adasiewicz/Edwards/Noble at Zebulon
    ATP Iceland, July 1-3, 2016*
    FYF Fest, August 27-28, 2016*/SIZE]

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    Default Re: Hopscotch 2013 Festival-

    I just realized this is the same weekend as really fun festival in Richmond called Fall Line Fest. Bummer but it looks like I will be missing Hopscotch yet again.

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