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Thread: Ride for 1 from Santa Cruz: leave Thurs, return Mon.

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    Default Ride for 1 from Santa Cruz: leave Thurs, return Mon.

    Hey there--I will have room for 1 other person to ride down in my Saturn wagon. When the back is down (to accommodate tents etc) there is only room for 2 riders, you and me.

    I have a 3-day pass and will be camping. I'd like to leave early Thursday April 26 so as to set up camp before dark. It's about an 8-hour drive I would guess, maybe a little longer with brief rest stops. Will return on Monday April 30, leaving not too early in the morning ... Then, oh no, back to work on Tuesday!

    Easygoing, good driver, fun person--looking for similar type of rider. if you can share fuel costs that would be great! I plan to bring my bicycle and will have room for one more on the bike rack.

    Respond privately if interested.


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    Default Re: Ride for 1 from Santa Cruz: leave Thurs, return Mon.

    Hello! This is a perfect situation for me. I live in Santa Cruz I am a UCSC student. Times and days work out great I would love to pay for gas. Will you be taking the 101? Please contact me at so we can make arrangements. Thanks! I have my license too in case you wanted me to drive if you get tired.

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