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Thread: Weekend 2 Major Lazer "Incident"

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Major Lazer "Incident"

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    It's a good thing that my ability to unnecessarily apologize for confronting cock faces is better than my grammar.

    I'm done being a pussy bitch now Randy, I promise.
    Quote Originally Posted by rage patton View Post
    I swear to god. Harrison Ford better not be fucking dead.

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Major Lazer "Incident"

    Jesus Christ I hope so. Otherwise, if I ever meet you I'm going to see how many times I can smack you with a backpack.
    Quote Originally Posted by schoolofruckus View Post
    Look, your parenting is yours and Randy's business alone.
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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Major Lazer "Incident"

    don't see major lazer...problem solved

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Major Lazer "Incident"

    If it's hype music people will get rowdy. It's very simple. You need to deal with it or not go to a Major Lazer performance and stand around with your wife.

    Take note: If you're at a performance in which there are any dance or electronic elements, expect your personal space to be violated... people will dance and likely bump into you.

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Major Lazer "Incident"

    I'm usually ready for that shit if I'm going to a Major Lazer/High-energy concert. Unfortunately, there's always gonna be that one bro in the tank top rolling his balls off who all of a sudden feels the need to start a fucking mosh-pit.

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Major Lazer "Incident"

    Paganman, do I know you? I don't think I do. Either way, you did the right thing. I had a similar incident with an inconsiderate piece of shit constantly bumping into my wife at a concert in Phoenix in March. I got in his face, he got security. End result: He's a pussy.
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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Major Lazer "Incident"

    Quote Originally Posted by guedita View Post
    but sometimes people need something like this to happen to stop for a second and realize that they are a fucking asshole. Seriously, fuck the people who "don't get bothered by people being douchebags around them and are just able to tune them out and enjoy the show." Self-conscientiousness at concerts needs to be more enforced.
    All of this.
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