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Couplechella really depends on your partner.

My GF is an incredible human being so I can't imagine not going with her to every fest now. But that's in stark contrast to my last gf who was not interested in anything on the lineup except for Paul McCartney. I couldn't even leave her alone to go see anything because she dressed ultra skank and had guys buzzing all over her and I didn't trust her (with good reason......) anyway... I was really worried this Coachella experience would ruin the amazing relationship I have with the current gf... but it was all for naught. She had an incredible time and is now determined to work out hardcore to get back in cheerleader shape so she can wear super sexy clothes for next year
Hahaha. Cheers to that, man. Felt the same way about my gf before and after our trip together. I was worried a little at first too, but now I know I definitely found a keeper. She has incredible taste, is incredibly easy-going, and pretty darn selfless. She wasn't even feeling very good because of her allergies due to all the dust, but she was a trooper and let me take care of her. We didn't miss a set due to her, only a couple due to her annoying fucking friends whom she doesn't even want to go with again. lol. Didn't really mean to turn this into a relationship thread, but yea. Seemed like the right place to air my grievances and high-points of the weekend. lol.