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Thread: Lakers playoff game 1

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    Default Lakers playoff game 1

    Anyone want to/know of a place to meet up to watch game 1 of the playoffs before heading to the festival?

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    Default Re: Lakers playoff game 1

    juggling nba and coachella

    shame on you

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    There's no shame in a Laker fan wanting to see the 12:30 pm playoff game and still go to Coachella. I think there's a place called Over the Top, and a Buffalo Wild Wings you can look up. I'm in car camping, so I think I'm out of luck. I asked at the Sony tent if they would use one of their TVs for a watch party, but they are only using them for Playstation stuff. She said someone else asked her that today too. I don't know of anywhere else to check on the polo grounds.

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    If you must, Beer Hunter is a good option.
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