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Thread: Need last minute place to stay

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    Default Need last minute place to stay

    I know, looking last minute is for dicks, but we were there last weekend and got totally destroyed in the sand storm, so would love a chance for a redo.

    Looking for a place to stay that is close and not totally primitive camping. I guess we could sleep in the minivan if it is close enough to the venue/shuttle stop and had just some shade to park in.

    Help us not have our all our stuff being destroyed in a sandstorm be our last memory.
    I have money to spend (not a lot) or things to trade.

    Also looking for two tickets someone might be desperate to get rid of, but craigslist seems to be flush with them in Los Angeles anyway.

    Let me know, I will consider anything. Hoping to make it by Alt-J tomorrow!
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    Default Re: Need last minute place to stay

    Alt-J was awesome last weekend! I want to stay for weekend 2 too. This is what I just posted:

    Its $134 per person for the whole weekend through Monday. I've got extra 1 bedroom with 2 twin beds + queen pull out couch in living room. The condo is at Monroe and Ave 48 across from Empire Polo Fields. Me and my boyfriend are already here and checked in and staying in the 2nd bedroom. The place is fully furnished with fully equipped kitchen & bathroom (towels, soap, coffee pot, full size appliances, etal). There is a dining area, living room, outdoor patio, TV, DVD player, free wireless internet. No smoking. No pets. This is a gated complex and you have access to swimming pools, hot tub and BBQ. This is my private timeshare. I am a licensed real estate agent in the state of Arizona. Payment accepted via cash or Paypal.

    Call text or email 480 788 4016 or l i z a r h i m a @ g m a i l . c o m

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    Default Re: Need last minute place to stay

    I have camping at my place 2 miles away 7603931521

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