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Thread: Need to find alternate campground/hotel

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    Smile Need to find alternate campground/hotel

    I bought tickets to camp at Coachella unfortunately with the age restriction (WHICH SUCKS) I am having to find somewhere else to stay at the last minute for the 3 nights of Coachella since I am taking my daughter who is 14 years old. Tickets for Coachella is what I bought her for her birthday. Why do the have this age restriction if the shows themselves are not age restricted? Anyway, if theres anyone out there that has any suggestions; they would be greatly appreciated. My email is or myspace me @

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    They have the age restriction because people get up to shennanigans in the campground at night, I imagine. Good luck finding a place to stay man.

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    I have a timeshare 7 miles away. My friends flaked. Im charging $30 per person per night. Fri and Sat only. 2 bedroom, living room, kitchen. Its mine. Im taking master bedroom with my girlfriend. Extra bedroom has two pullouts and living room has one. I just posted today (Sat 14th) If interested respond, but I have to see what kind of people reply to it first so we all get along. I expect interest and want to fill and close. Its nice, close, and cheap

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    I have a room available in a nice resort....check your PM

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