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Thread: Hippos playing Daft Punk?

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    Default Hippos playing Daft Punk?

    I hung around the festival grounds for awhile after RHCP because I wasn't ready to leave yet and also wanted to avoid the crowds heading toward camp. I was there for maybe 45 minutes or so (not 100% sure how late it was) and then Daft Punk started playing loudly and everyone still out started running toward the Gobi, thinking Daft Punk was playing on stage. It turned out it was the hippos at the power station doing a dance show to Daft Punk. It was bizarre and random but also cool. Everyone in the crowd was questioning whether that actually was DP in hippo masks, but after they played two or three songs we all kind of collectively realized it wasn't and we were all kicked out by security lol.

    I didn't see anyone mention it here. Did anyone else catch this show? I think between that and the new album ad, it seems like a set up for DP to play next year. But that could be wishful thinking. Maybe they're all just fucking with us.

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    same exact thing happened saturday night after phoenix. goldenvoice was fucking with us all weekend.

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    Interesting. I did not know this.
    If DP doesn't play next year and this was all just messing with us it's not cool.

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    Default Re: Hippos playing Daft Punk?

    I don't get how a daft punk song being played at an art exhibit was "messing with us".

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    It was several DP songs. Just random, ya know? Like why DP? They could have played a mix of anything, but they knew festival goers were hoping to see DP. I mean, I didn't care. I was dancing and thought it was fun. Just... odd?

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    They didn't play several DP songs, they played Around the World over and over on a loop. And one of the hippos played a ukelele with a banana. Those silly hippos can't get anything right.

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    God, really? I was fucked up. I could have sworn they played something else, but I'm sure you're right. My apologies.
    Still random/cool though.

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    All I gotta say is don't count your dead chickens yet... I'm closely related to the hippo creators and I wouldn't miss out on catching them saturday night

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    Default Re: Hippos playing Daft Punk?

    I was a little worried by the people who thought Daft Punk was finally going to reveal themselves to fifty people at the very end of the festival.
    Quote Originally Posted by pachucasunrise View Post
    Thought this said Of Mice & Men. Now THAT'S a scary thought...
    Quote Originally Posted by iantmcfarland View Post
    Just don't schedule them anywhere near White Rabbits.

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