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Thread: Car Camping Pass Issue

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    Does anyone have experience with buying a car camping pass NOT attached to your wristband order? I have a few people offering to sell me their car camping pass, but I'm scared to purchase for fear of it not working when they scan with our wristbands at the gate. Please help clarify if there is any way around this issue. It would be very unfortunate if the Coachella folks didn't offer a way around this dilemma.


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    I'm bumping this. I won a free VIP pass, and it's not tied to the camping pass that I was planning to use. I'm selling the festival pass that is paired with the camping pass, and life would be a shitload easier if the two were not tied together.
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    From my understanding, the car camping pass and wristband are linked together..

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    My group went in last night with a car camping they purchased from someone on Craigslist~ They had no problems at all.

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