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    I need some help in finding out where my pictures are, I was on the front rail during the Hardwell concert during week one on Sunday and I remember cameras taking pictures directly of me, can anyone direct me to a website or link of what their name might be.

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    Same for me for pryda. I'm guessing in the next few days more pics will be put up.
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    Is Xanman really big enough to sub?
    Is Motorave going to bring enough special guests with him?
    Is Nathan Fairchild's set going to be less awesome when I reflect back on it in a few months?
    Is Bumblebee's set going to consist of her just reading coachella facts for 50 mins?
    Is Guedita going to sound more like Karin O or Alice Glass?
    Is MJA going to be the first true EDM headliner?
    So many questions...

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    Rukes took a few of Hardwell - Link below

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