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    Can anyone advise how good the onsite-camping store is, and is it more expensive than normal stores.

    I am coming from the UK with a mate and we want two tents but really don't want to drag them all the way to america. We are off to Las Vegas then San Francisco after the festival so didn't want to lug them on and off planes and have to pay extra baggage allowance. My plan is to buy a tent on-site then just leave it behind. Same for sleeping mats

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    I've been considering the same thing, but i might bring the tent with me and buy everything else at coachella. At every Irish/British festival i've been to the shops have been great value.
    Anyone know how expensive the camping shops are?

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    The Coachella camping store will not be selling tents. Its a general store selling stuff like toothbrushes, sunscreen, earplugs aspirin etc etc nothing major like a tent or sleeping bags and stuff. I guess when you get here you should find a Target or Wal Mart and buy one. Try and you can actually pay for it and pick it up.

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    i'm not going to be camping there, but i remember someone saying there is a walmart near the festival. you could probably find something really cheap there. also, it's super easy to return things to walmart. i don't know about the actual tent though, since it'll probably get dirty and/or beat up.

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    Yes: General Store (all items are CASH ONLY) Selling various sundry items which may include: Advil, Air Mattresses, Aloe Gel, Anacin, Band-Aids, Batteries A, AA, AAA, Benadryl, Bug spray, Chap stick, Cigarettes, Coachella merch (sweaters, tanks), Condoms, Disposable cameras, Ear plugs, Eye Drops, Ice Bags, Lighters, Lotion, Tent Stakes, Mini/ Small Flashlights, Mini Deodorant, Mini Hand Sanitizer, Mini soap bars, Motrin IB, Mouthwash, Neosporin, Pepto, Rolaids, Sunscreen, Tampons, Rope, Tissue packets, Toothpaste/Toothbrush combo pack, Water, Tylenol, Wet-one Wipes, Tents, tent stakes etc. Open: 24 hours starting when camping opens until it closes on Monday
    No idea on the price though. I'm guessing it'll probably be higher than anywhere else, given its Coachella.

    Also: You could totally just buy one from a nearby store and then possibly try to sell it when you're done

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    Well they added tents to the mix then because they have never been available before fyi.

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