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Thread: Brita Filter Bottle? Bike helmet?

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    Default Brita Filter Bottle? Bike helmet?

    If you bring a Brita filter water bottle empty, they will let you bring it in? Don't see anything about it on FAQ so not sure. Also riding my bike and will have a bike helmet I want to lock in rented locker...assuming not an issue?

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    I brought my Bobble (which is like the Brita filter water bottle) into the festival empty without any problems last year im assuming it'll be fine this year as well.

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    Default Re: Brita Filter Bottle? Bike helmet?

    They will only let you bring it in if you bring in your old funky house mix cd's.

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    We locked our bike helmets up with the bikes. They were there at the end of each night. I doubt they will prevent you from bringing it into the locker though. Water bottle should be fine as long as it is empty.

    As a precaution, bring a small bike pump, or spare tires, at least to have at your house. We got a flat tire every night! Biking home on a flat sucks, especially against the wind. Buy good tires, that seal against thorns.

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