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    I purchased two wristbands (one for me, one for my cousin) and a car camping pass for Weekend 2. My cousin's boyfriend purchased his own wristband and a car companion pass. Does anyone know if I can arrive after my cousin? Like can she bring the car camping pass with her, and then can I come later with the car companion pass? If the car camping pass and car companion pass do not have to arrive at the same time, is it OK that my cousin was not the purchaser of the car camping pass and that I was not the purchaser of the car companion pass? Thanks so much in advance!

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    Gotta have it all together when you arrive. Sorry.

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    You sure? I just got off the phone with Front Gate Tickets (I posted on here while on hold because I didn't know if FGT would have an answer for me)...and the woman told me the car camping pass just needs to arrive with my wristband...and that I can come later with the car companion pass and my cousin's boyfriend's wristband.

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    You're fine. Whoever has the car companion pass will be in a totally different line anyways so it wouldnt matter what time they showed up together or not. Also, I bought my car camp pass off craigslist and it wasn't linked to my GA pass at all. I got in fine so it doesnt matter who bought the tickets when you use them.

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    Thanks so much!

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