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Thread: Sunglasses found in women's shower!

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    Default Sunglasses found in women's shower!

    I accidentally took a pair of sunglasses from a shower truck on Main St. at around 14:00 right before the showers closed on Sunday afternoon. I put them in my bag in the dark (not great lighting in those showers) and didn't realise that they weren't mine until I got back to my tent.
    PM me with the brand/colour/style and I will find a way to return them to you!

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    Default Re: Sunglasses found in women's shower!

    Send these to Coachella's lost and found service. They do a great job. The odds of the owner seeing your post on here are very very low.

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    I saw some shades in the shitters right next to pathway to the shuttles if anyone drop them in...they looked a little dirty though.

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