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Thread: The Godforsaken Thorn-Infested Horse Patch, LOT 4

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    Default Re: The Godforsaken Thorn-Infested Horse Patch, LOT 4

    Yeah, large groups is what will do it. Weekend two was just a buddy and myself leaving really early so we could get a nice spot and not have to worry about the long lines for searching or getting a shitty spot. We figured the less of us the quicker the arrival and setup time it would take. It was nice to have all of Thursday to walk around the campgrounds and get to know our neighbors/find drugs.

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    Default Re: The Godforsaken Thorn-Infested Horse Patch, LOT 4

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    I learned my lesson and left at 2am for weekend 2 and was the first car in line, also camped right up front. never leaving late again.
    Resurrecting this thread because Lot 4/a shitty spot is my greatest fear. When you were the first car in line, where exactly did you wait? What time did you get there? How much worse was the car search? Were you able to sleep while you waited for campgrounds to open?

    We had a group of two cars last year, W1 arrived at about 11am Thursday, and I was pretty confused with the group waiting area after security. I pulled in and waited for our other car, but then we couldn't find a way out. I think someone ended up moving a barrier for us to get back in line. Is that why we ended up in lot 8?? If we didn't get back in line, we would have been forced to lot 4?

    Even if the thorns are gone and they fix the shower situation, I will be livid if they try to force us to lot 4 after getting in at 9am.
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    Default Re: The Godforsaken Thorn-Infested Horse Patch, LOT 4

    Camped in this lot weekend 2 of last year. Had to sweep all the thorns out of our tent area, couldn't step out of the tent without shoes on, one set of porta-potties that always had a line and some raggedy ass purell dispenser that was always empty. The plus side was all the stupid hipster drivers were offering rides to the venue for 30 bucks - so you at least had something to laugh about while you walked your ass to the venue.
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    Default Re: The Godforsaken Thorn-Infested Horse Patch, LOT 4

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    Don't worry everybody, over the summer Empire Polo plowed/rototilled lot 4 and have leveled the dirt and planted new grass. Its growing now and looks great. I will put up some pics when I get a chance.
    Good to know. I think every camper here fears being sent to Lot 4. I noticed it was on the map again this year.
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