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Thread: Need a place for 2 nice dudes

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    Hey guys,

    A friend and I are looking for a place to stay during the Festival. We rather not camp so if you have a hotel room/house to be shared please let us know.


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    2 options......
    #1 I have an unfurnished house that is literally across the steet to the festival. It has 4 bedrooms, A/C, showers, stove, microwave, on the golf course, pools. I need a total of $600 minimum for the weekend plus a refundable sec deposit. If you have a sleeping bag it's PERFECT and CLOSE! click this link..

    #2.....I also have 2 available and furnished guestrooms with separate baths in my double, one queen.....that I'd consider renting to the right non-smoking people. This is a beautiful brand new 3,500 sq ft house with a pool, spa, bbq...the works. It's 5 miles to the festival and I'd consider taxiing you there and back....$200 pp per night.

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    2 girls interested in option #2.... please email.... thanks

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    I have just sent you an email about your proposal. Thank you

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    I have the best deal in town. Got my timeshare less than 7 miles away. Had crew, they flaked. Friday and Sat only. Got 3 extra pullout couch/beds. $30 per person per night. 2 bedroom, living room, kitchen. Zip code 92203. The master bedroom for me and my girlfriend. or 323 545 7281.

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