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Thread: lollapalooza or coachella 07???

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    Default lollapalooza or coachella 07???

    Quote Originally Posted by mandelbaum View Post
    Or you regret not going to Coachella last year...
    i went to last year's, but I missed the best performances like MMJ and CYHSY because Kanye was on at the same time (AMAZING addition last year)... That's why I wouldn't mind a repeat of those two bands. This year, I think Lollapalooza actually has outdone Coachella, not only because of MMJ or the YYYs, but also because of lesser known bands like Polyphonic Spree (i'm oddly attracted to them), AQUEDUCT (amazing AMAZING band from seattle, not hard to book HINT HINT GOLDENVOICE), and Mickey Avalon (FROM HOLLYWOOD, YOU CAN BOOK HIM FROM HIS MYSPACE!! AGAIN, HINT haha =p)... For big bands, Coachella wins; for smaller bands, Lollapalooza wins... Any hope for small band additions GV?

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    Default Re: lollapalooza or coachella 07???

    Quote Originally Posted by theburiedlife View Post
    Slightly Stoopid was the worst band at Street Scene 06'. I'm glad they weren't added.
    I dont understand how you can say that. They're not as good, but the next best thing to sublime.
    Jebus loves me

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    Default Re: lollapalooza or coachella 07???

    It's a tie for Bjork vs. Daft Punk. Definitely. They have ModestMouse, we have Placebo.

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