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    Is it true that only beer and boxed wine are allowed? I have not been to Coachella before but at other festivals you can bring any alcohol as long as it is not in a glass container. I thought this was the case but the FAQs only say that cases of beer in reasonable amounts and boxed wine will be allowed. Has anyone else had experience with this? Do you think I could bring liquor if it is in plastic water bottles?

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    No. You answered your own question?
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    Well thanks for nothin' jnthnbyl. Clearly you hate fun and have no imagination or sneaking skills. Probably Coachella is not the place for you...

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    They will take it away. Beer and wine is not allowed this year either. Only tent campers get to bring in beer. New regulations.
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    Well that is more helpful, thanks! I should specify, I realize it is not allowed into the festival, I was wondering about the camp grounds. I am car/tent camping.

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