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    Question showering...

    What would be the best time to shower? I'm assuming there will be long lines most of the time, but which times are best?

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    Any time that you would think to yourself, "Well shit, this is an inconvenient time to do this because there's other shit to do [ie, sleep, go inside for the festival]"
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    If the sun wakes you up you are already too late in the morning. Expect a wait. If you stay at the festival through a headliner you are already too late. Expect a wait. The wait times get progressively longer each day as people tend to hold out the first day or two.

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    The best place to shower and the best time would be as follows: Go to the south by south-easternly most shower. Wait there until the chicken goes "koo koo ka-chaw" shortly after a shooting star crosses in front of Venus just before the dawn. Then stand on one foot and wiggle your left pinky on your right hand. The Coachella veteran that sees you do this (the famous shower signal) first will invite you to shower with them and take you to the front of the line. You're welcome.

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    What would be the best time to shower? I'm assuming there will be long lines most of the time, but which times are best?
    If I remember correctly, last year I went around noon each day and I never had to wait for a shower.

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    Leave halfway through Kanye or Jay Z's set & go get your towel, flip flops & soap then head straight to the shower walk right in with no wait. The shower will be 5x more entertaining and pleasurable.
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    Do it during a headliner or set an alarm for a few minutes before they open them up. It may suck to be up that early, but it'll be worth it to be able to be clean and not pissed off and dirty waiting in a line.

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