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Thread: Corona Capital 2015

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    Default Corona Capital 2015

    Corona Capital is a music festival in Mexico City that has been running since 2010

    This year's lineup was shared through several emails that were sent to registered fans, and each mail contained an artist that will be performing on November 21 and 22

    This is the lineup for this year

    -Father John Misty
    -Circa Waves
    -RAC (Live)
    -The Psychedelic Furs
    -Title Fight
    -Death From Above 1979
    -Run the Jewels
    -Skylar Spence
    -Goldroom (Live)
    -Miami Horror
    -Robin Schulz
    -Benjamin Booker
    -Primal Scream
    -Twenty One Pilots
    -Sleater Kinney
    -SBCR Dj Set (The Bloody Betroots)
    -Ryan Adams
    -The Charlatans UK
    -Porter Robinson (Live)
    -Angus and Julia Stone
    -Fatboy Slim
    -Bronze Whale
    -The Griswolds
    -The Libertines
    -Calvin Harris

    What do you think about this lineup? Will you travel for this?

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    Default Re: Corona Capital 2015

    Wonder if it's worth driving from Dallas for this lol

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    Default Re: Corona Capital 2015

    Heres the poster.

    Coachella Weekend 1 & 2

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    Default Re: Corona Capital 2015

    THE M F ING LIBERTINES?!?!? I might need to do this

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    Default Re: Corona Capital 2015

    Wow, Libertines!

    Quote Originally Posted by jackstraw94086 View Post
    I want to punch that woman.

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    Default Re: Corona Capital 2015

    Wow this lineup is loaded and a headliner still to be named. Nice.

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    Default Re: Corona Capital 2015

    I wish I had gone last year.
    12/16-18 Day for Night

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    Default Re: Corona Capital 2015

    This lineup is solid!

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    Anybody still on the boards who has gone to this? If so, would you recommend going? Can't find much info on the rest of the interwebs.

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    Default Re: Corona Capital 2015

    I went last year.

    Last year they had some issues with the logistic of the wristbands, so there was a delay entering the venue. I'll guess they solve that issue by now.

    Also, last year it rained and got really messy. We only got half of the Massive Attack set and there were a lot of mud in the festival next day

    Besides that, the festival was really enjoyable. I assume they will correct this issues, but we'll see

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    I went there last year but it was very disorganized. I've been to Festivals in all over the U.S., Asia and Europe, but it was probably the least organized festival.

    Even you have 2 day passes, you need to exchange the wrist band on each day at the door if you didn’t do so at the ticket outlet in the city center. They had “no cash” system that you can load the funds on your wrist bands, but almost all venders weren’t equipped with the machine and I couldn’t use it anywhere. They said they would refund the unused funds; however, when I was processing it on line, my request was denied because U.S. banks do not issue the bank I.D. number. They took my USD50.00 and it was never refunded.

    It rained heavily on both days, and the organizer obviously wasn’t prepared for it. Lots of bands didn’t play/quit playing in the middle of their sets because of the equipment issues (the rain was directly pouring on their instruments), or they played 3-4 hours later than scheduled. No announcement was made while we were waiting, and you could either stand there forever or give up & leave. I didn’t get to see MGMT (after waiting in pouring rain for 3 hours) nor Jack White (rumor said he started his set at 3:00 a.m.).

    My friend had purchased her ticket several months earlier through Ticket Master Mexico. When she went to pick up her ticket at Will Call, she was told her order had been canceled (she had paid in full and her credit card transaction said so, too). We called Ticket Master MX but their office was closed because it was Saturday (duh). This was total BS and she had to buy tickets at the box office. The second day ticket was already sold out, so we had to circulate the ads on Twitter to look for spare ticket (luckily, we found one). She never got her money back either. This whole incident was pretty upsetting, to say the least.

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