Finally getting some time to sit down and regroup after my vacation. Man. What a trip. I cannot get over how cool of a city Asheville is. The people, the food, the beer, the street musicians... everything was just so awesome. I imagined it being some quiet little mountain town and I honestly wasn't sure what I would be doing till 7pm each day. As it turned out, we didn't even get to do or see everything we wanted to. It seemed every corner you turned there was either a cool thing to see or a place we wanted to eat/ drink at. It was also fantastic spending so much time with old friends (Paul, Jenny, Mark, and Erik), and meeting new ones (Alex, Nik, Brendan). This festival turned out to be even more fun and a much more enjoyable experience than I could have ever imagined, and I had high expectations. I don't think MoogFest or Mountain Oasis will be in the card for me next year... but I would love to return to the city one day. For all those debating on Mountain Oasis next year... just go. It was incredibly well organized, each venue brought its unique charm to the performances, and Asheville is just an overall awesome city.