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    Default Unsound 2013

    Unsound Festival returns to the town of its birth - Krakow, Poland - this October 13th to October 20th for its 11th edition.

    For the last few years Unsound Festival has chosen a specific theme as a way of exploring and organizing the program around a basic concept, which is then elaborated on via the selection of artists. In 2013 the theme for Unsound is INTERFERENCE. This relates to the physics of sound, including the overlay of varied sound waves and rhythms, distortion, disrupted audio, sonic disturbance, and the act of obstructing or impeding. More than ever before, these elements are used in a wide range of contemporary music, from the developing noise scene to ever- evolving club music.

    Additionally, the theme will be explored for its social and cultural significance, questioning the meaning of "underground" in today's networked, commodified and data-driven world. INTERFERENCE will set this year’s Unsound festival on the amorphous border between entertainment and challenging experience, often playing against the easy consumption of music and demanding engagement from audiences. You won't find huge headliners at Unsound. It won't be transmitted via the Internet in easy video chunks. But for one week the festival will create a unique temporary autonomous zone for audience and artists alike that will feel like nowhere else.

    The theme will also manifest itself via the placement of unique installations and performances in unusual spaces.

    An example of this will be "Sleep Concert" by ambient music legend ROBERT RICH. Robert’s San Francisco sleep concerts of the 1990s were legendary affairs, lasting throughout the night, but he has not performed this way before a live audience since 1996. Expect more details soon, and in the meantime be sure to get your sleeping bags and feather pillows ready.

    Unsound Festival is also delighted to announce that PORTER RICKS will perform their first live show in many years at the festival. Thomas Köner and Andy Mellwig were pioneers in blurring and bending the line between the dance floor and experimental "listening experience", as captured on their seminal techno album "Biokinetics", originally issued on Chain Reaction and re-released last year on Type Records.

    Drone doom pioneers EARTH will also feature as a key point in the program, performing for the first time in Poland. Headed throughout the years by Dylan Carlson, their influence can be widely felt, most directly on Sunn O))), who formed as a tribute band to EARTH. EARTH marks the inclusion of more guitar-based music than usual in this year's program, especially sounds arranged via unique / distinct application of reverb or feedback.

    ROBERT HENKE aka MONOLAKE - who has a long association with Unsound - will present a brand new show. Derived from his recent installation works, LUMIÈRE promises to not only manifest itself as a radical sonic experience, but also provide a massive yet ephemeral visual counterpoint. Two powerful lasers will draw repeating shapes, symbols, incomprehensible signs and ultra short pulses of light whilst an autonomous audio engine creates rhythmical structures, intense grids of bass and spectral noises.

    KING MIDAS SOUND will make their long-overdue debut appearance at Unsound. This comes on the heels of their critically acclaimed “Aroo” EP, released on Ninja Tune, which is set to be followed by an album also exploring a sound the band describes as "My Bloody Valentine in dub", with walls of immersive guitar.

    The Swedish trio FIRE! is also confirmed to appear. This supergroup featuring saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, bassist Johan Berthling (Tape) and drummer Andreas Werliin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums) is known for vibrant compositions and explorations that incorporate jazz, psychedelia, krautrock and punk, clashing genres against one another to wonderful effect.

    As in recent years, Unsound will again have a strong representation of artists from across the Atlantic. Los Angeles duo TROPIC OF CANCER will celebrate their new autumn album on Blackest Ever Black with a live show that promises to expand on their dark, textured sound.

    New York's PHARMAKON is also programmed, a female artist who has broken the boundaries of the male dominated noise scene with her debut album "Abandon", of which the New York Times said: "She makes whatever is one step beyond ominousness — music that suggests actual collapse or apocalypse rather than the coming of it."

    Unsound will also look to America for the initial acts to be announced for two club music nights, presented again at the incredible Hotel Forum, an abandoned communist-era hotel reanimated by Unsound last year after lying empty for a decade.

    First up, Unsound is pleased to announce that another musical pioneer, R.P. BOO, will perform his first ever European show at Unsound. His recent album, "Legacy" (Planet Mu), has brought him to the fore as the core originator of Chicago's Footwork movement. Boomkat called “Legacy”: "a mind-blowing meeting of immediate function and practically avant-garde aesthetics. Ask us: we'll tell you this is the best original Footwork LP by a mile, and a pivotal moment in the history of electronic music."

    Additionally, Unsound is inviting New Jersey's DJ QU to bring his don’t-give-a-damn-about-hype, highly artistic take on modern club music, labeled by some as "dark house"; it reminds people that techno and house have shared roots.

    Looking to the UK, Unsound is pleased to announce the inclusion of KARENN - BLAWAN and PARIAH's live project, based entirely around analogue hardware. Karenn is part of a long lineage of dark industrial techno reaching back to the 1990's, and their extreme sound has helped kick off a new revival of interest in this strain of music.

    Club nights will also feature Belgium’s STELLAR OM SOURCE, fresh off releasing an album for the ever-expanding RVNG label. The record marks a radical shift from her drifting synth soundscapes into a beat-driven techno/house hybrid, and was mixed and arranged by Kassem Mosse. HELENA HAUFF - resident DJ at Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg - will present a wild, shape-shifting set incorporating everything from electro and ghettotech to industrial sounds.

    And as ever, of course, Unsound Festival will spotlight Polish acts. The first confirmed Polish act is STEFAN WESOŁOWSKI, who will debut a show based on his album "Liebestod" (Important Records) at Unsound. Until now, Stefan is perhaps best known for working with Jacaszek on string arrangements for his "Treny" album. ”Liebestod” and his live show will reveal his own haunting sound, drawing on post-classical elements, electronics and field recordings. His band will feature trombone, tuba and cello, with Stefan on piano, violin and electronics.

    Expect more artist names soon!

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    DJ QU (USA)
    EARTH (USA) - Polish Premiere
    FIRE! (SE)
    HELENA HAUFF (DE) - Polish Premiere
    KARENN (BLAWAN & PARIAH) (UK) - Polish Live Premiere
    PHARMAKON (USA) - Polish Premiere
    PORTER RICKS (DE) - Polish Premiere
    R.P. BOO (USA) - European Premiere
    TROPIC OF CANCER (USA) - Polish Premiere


    4/20 Radiohead/Flying Lotus @ Jeunesse Arena
    4/22 Radiohead/Flying Lotus @ Allianz Parque Stadium

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    Help me decide what to wear to the show I'm going to tonight, everyone. I'll post pics of my six different potential outfits in a second.
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    Default Re: Unsound 2013

    Fantastic as always. I've always dreamed of a Sleep Concert.
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    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to not give a fuck again.

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    Default Re: Unsound 2013

    "The Latest Plague" – From First to Last – 3:18
    "Situations" – Escape the Fate – 3:06
    "Little Maggots" – The Matches – 2:43
    "Forever Young [Radio Edit]" – Youth Group – 3:24
    "Attractive Today" – Motion City Soundtrack – 1:41
    "Surrender" – Matchbook Romance – 4:47
    "I Am the Wind, You Are The Feather" – Vanna – 3:45
    "Last Light" – Converge – 3:34
    "Hot Piss" – Some Girls – 1:03
    "Pretty People Never Lie, Vampires Never Die" – I Am Ghost – 4:32
    "Benzie Box" – DANGERDOOM – 3:00
    "Los Angeles Is Burning" – Bad Religion – 3:21
    "The Gold Song" – The Bouncing Souls – 3:16
    "Knocked Down" – Pennywise – 2:43
    "New Eyes Open" – The Draft – 3:32
    "The Buzz Kill (Reanimator Remix)" – Sage Francis – 4:45
    "The Latest Plague (Atticus Remix)" – From First to Last – 3:42
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    Default Re: Unsound 2013



    Following a year off to launch affiliated festivals in London and Adelaide, Australia, Unsound Festival New York returns for its fourth edition WEDNESDAY APRIL 2nd to SUNDAY APRIL 6th. Again Unsound Festival New York will be partnering with the Polish Cultural Institute New York, further details including the full festival line-up, additional partners, venues and more will be revealed in January.

    For now we leave you with these words from Unsound Festival founder and artistic director Mat Schulz -

    "An interesting festival should have an identity, created carefully over time. It shouldn't be thought of as a product. It isn't about producing spectacles in need of massive budgets, but original ideas and a willingness to take risks. Unsound has expanded over the past two years, with events now taking place in London and at the Adelaide Festival in Australia, while this past October we had our most expansive Krakow edition to date, but despite this we've consciously resisted the kind of growth that can erode the identity of festivals.

    Growth for Unsound means continuing to present emerging artists, commissioning new work and attempting to discover new meanings for what a festival can do and be. Unsound Festival New York 2014, even more so than previous editions, will focus on experimentation. We'll be presenting projects we have commissioned earlier, as well as unique projects for New York. Of course, a key focus will be celebrating the talent from our home base in Poland - a scene that is currently experiencing a new wave of vitality and expanding in wonderful new directions. The Unsound name is never just franchised out, and so once again our upcoming NYC program has been created in close collaboration with local curators to create a unique cross-border project. We look forward to revealing more soon and seeing you out at the festival in April."

    4/20 Radiohead/Flying Lotus @ Jeunesse Arena
    4/22 Radiohead/Flying Lotus @ Allianz Parque Stadium

    Quote Originally Posted by guedita View Post
    Help me decide what to wear to the show I'm going to tonight, everyone. I'll post pics of my six different potential outfits in a second.
    Quote Originally Posted by bmack86 View Post
    What is it about a band you love unconditionally that makes you adore them? Otherwise I'm going to just rip all over your shitty taste in bad bands.

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