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    Do you guys know if this years coachella will be filmed?? If so, would they show the headliners whole set, or what? every bands set? how does it work? Since im not going to coachella i really wanna see it on dvd, especially when my favorite band, rage, comes out. Help if you have any information.

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    they might make another dvd in a few years that would include performers from this year (probably rage, but not many others). But your best bet is youtube after the show and the at&t blue room thingy

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    It will be filmed in some way shape or form by GV. You wont see any official footage see the light of day for about 3 years I imagine when they put out another dvd to commemorate 10 years of Coachella. And you might luck out and Rage gets on the DVD but its all about the bands agreeing to let the performance be used or not in the end though. And yeah watch the webcast and hope that Rage does get shown. Again, bands that are on the webcast agreed to be shown for licensing purposes and stuff not just cause the fans wanna see them. And also, rent or buy the Coachella DVD if you really wanna see what its all about.

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    A new DVD would be hella sweet. How about next time show Blonde Redhead on more than one half of the screen and for longer than 5 seconds...

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