So here's my situation:

I'm the only one of my friends to have bought a 3 day pass to Coachella before they sold out. Rather than accept defeat and sell my tickets, I am feeling adventurous and whimsical... and slightly hesitant as I write this post.

But in any case...

-female, late twenties, professional, non-drug using, non-smoker, normal!
-HUGE music lover, especially excited about Bjork, Interpol, Brazilian Girls, David Guetta, Silversun Pickups, RHCP, the Arcade Fire, Tiesto, Travis, Manu Chao, Air, Paul van Dyk, the Roots, Damien Rice, the Kooks, etc, etc, etc.
-will pay my share for gas, hotel, and whatever else

You and your peeps:
-nice, normal, FUN, non-drug using, non-perverted, non-crazy...
-with at least 1 GIRL in your group
-extra space in the car
-extra room at your hotel or whereever you're staying (non-camping, will need my own bed, will only share room with girls).
-Really good Karma for helping out a stranger in need!

We should definitely meet each other (at least briefly) prior to Coachella.

Please email me at (lame, I know) with what you got going on. Thanks!!